The Stories of NION | NION helped me recover from a near-fatal injury!

The Stories of NION | NION helped me recover from a near-fatal injury!

NION is the only electrolyte on the market containing negative bioelectric-charged ions for daily consumption. Other electrolytes push water into cells for hydration. NION does that as well, plus it boosts mitochondria function to make water when it’s needed for energy. NION works via regeneration, not stimulation.

Your mitochondrial health drives your entire well-being. Mitochondria are small but mighty, and ridiculously important powerhouses that reside in cells. When your mitochondria function better, your body can too. 

Linn Harrison has been taking NION for 15+ years. Thanks to NION, Linn has maintained incredible athletic ability with age and recovered from a potentially fatal injury leaving his doctors astonished. Learn more about Linn Harrison in "Testimonials #1 - The Stories of NION."

Excerpts of the interview with Evan Omelia and Linn Harrison are below. 

Evan Omelia: Today I'm joined by Linn Harrison. Linn has been taking NION for quite a long time. I don't want to date you Lynn, but roughly how long has it been that you've been taking NION?

Linn Harrison: 15 years.

Evan Omelia: Awesome, and what was the original reason that you started taking NION?

Linn Harrison: I was introduced to NION by my insurance agent. I'm not sure how he came across the product, but he would end up needing to take large amounts of it at time and get rid of some, you know, things that were going on. He told me how it cleared your system out and did all these wonderful things. So I started taking it and never stopped, and he had to get rid of gout by the way.

Evan Omelia: Right, and from the immediate time that you started taking NION were there some effects that you noticed right away?

Linn Harrison: There was some. I could tell that it was cleaning some things out of my system, but it took a while to kind of get all the pieces put together, and I can't tell you how long, but the advantage I have now after taking it is that I rarely get sore muscles, so it seems to take the lactic acid out. I bike, I ski, I hike, I golf, I kayak, you know, I do a bunch of stuff and generally speaking, the only time I feel any soreness in my muscles is the first day of skiing. I don't care what kind of work I do, I can't get past that first day. I've turned a couple of other people onto it, and that was one of the things that they noticed to.

Evan Omelia: Obviously I'm aware of the accident that you had a while ago. Would you mind telling that story and discuss how NION helped with your recovery?

Linn Harrison: In the 2018/19 ski season, I was 71 days on skis, and then golfing and hiking and biking and river rafting in the summertime. October 26th of 2019 my wife and I were bike riding and I got hit by a car which didn't stop. It propelled me headfirst into a bridge and then I dropped down into a dry creek bed. It was very steep and deep. It took seven guys to get me out. They spent about 5 hours, according to my wife, I don't remember because I was out, but they spent about 5 hours fearing that I wasn't going to make it. Then a helicopter crew was debating whether or not they should run me up to Denver because we were in southwest Colorado. Then they finally got my lung draining properly because it was a punctured lung and then the doctor said, "oh good this is going to work." My wife told me that I replied "so when can I ski?", but the injuries were substantial. I had 28 breaks and fractures in my ribs, along with the punctured lung and a broken clavicle, broken shoulder blade, some fractures in my spine, and some damage to my carotid artery. So I was 11 days in the ICU and then general population for a while after that. I continued to take the NION tablets once I got out of there. I continued to take them and then started doing some light exercises and some pt and biking and walking around. 93 days later, I was very carefully back on skis.

Evan Omelia: Were your doctors astonished by your recovery?

Linn Harrison: Very very much so. They just couldn't believe it. The nurses in the ICU, at Christmas I took them back some chocolates and stuff because they were wonderful. One of the nurses was standing there when I walked in. We talked for a little bit and he said, "So you're doing pretty well." and I said "I intend to ski here pretty soon." He looked at me and said "maybe I'll see you up there then, but I'm not sure that will happen." And it did.

Evan Omelia: That's incredible. Were they aware that you were taking NION at the time?

Linn Harrison: No they weren't. They were filling me up with all sorts of stuff.

Evan Omelia: Do you attribute a lot of what happened in terms of recovery to NION?

Linn Harrison: Oh, I do. The putting things back together and getting connected back with my body and activity level, It had to be because the doctors didn't believe it. They had me going in there once a month for another five months to do scans and checks on this and that and everything else, they just kept saying, wow!

Watch the video to hear the entire interview.