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About NION Health
Our Quest
NION Health is a division of Galahad Life Sciences. We believe that, in the future, human lifespan can exceed 200 years. We fully realize we are not there yet. But like Galahad who dedicated his life to finding the Holy Grail, our quest is noble: to develop solutions that can extend the limits of humanity’s health span. Our first adventure: NION Health.
Our Research

While researching the hallmarks of aging and learning about mitochondrial biogenesis – that is reproduction and energy production within the mitochondria — it became evident that there was a need for negative ions. There was a problem: Modern life has distanced us from our once close access to the Earth’s negative ions. And all of the electrolytes in the market were only offering positive charges.

Our Technology

Our specialized manufacturing equipment is designed and tested by our team of mechanical and electrical engineers under direction of our material scientist, custom built to perfection by the same specialized machine shops that support Boeing. Our manufacturing is performed in a containment facility that operates with a negative pressure in air that is filtered to keep any contaminants out of the process.

Our Collaborators

We are a privately held company, headed by the Loyd family: Steve, Gayle, and Ashley. All avid intermittent fasters. Decades of experience in science, engineering, education, and finance. Years of collaboration and innovation with major universities, institutes, laboratories, and clinics.