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The power of negative ions
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"Since adding NION to my daily workout routine, I have definitely noticed an improvement in performance. I feel more hydrated and enjoy the overall sense of well-being gained."

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Amazing Nion brings health and well Being

We have noticed improvement with our bodys health using NION


Great addition to my intake of. Bliss health help

great product

love Nion and all it does for your body

Nion is for EveryBody

You just feel better after using NION


I tried the NION packs in my water and feel the difference, definitely more hydrated and refreshed. Newly moved to CO, that hydration business is important here, so going to do what I have to to keep up :) thanks NION

Greatful to have found this product

Since adding NION to my daily workout routine, I have definitely noticed an improvement in performance. I feel more hydrated and enjoy the overall sense of well-being gained.

Nion serving my Health

Nion improves Everything!! I have noticed

Nion helps full body improvement

I have been using. Nion for nearly 6 months and see remarkable improvement in many ways!
One way is my body removing old broken cells and am viewing the work of. Nion with cell replacement and upgraded energy with better sleep!

A must have for intermittent fasting

Cramps just disappear when incorporating NION in the mix I just love this stuff!

Great Product

I have really enjoyed my purchase. It’s consistently hard to connect to earth and get negative ions in the winter because of the snow and freezing temperatures where I live. I take one packet in the morning before working out and I plan to use it as a key component of a quarterly water fast.

rejuvenates body in many ways

dead old cells leaving body and new cells replenished in body. Over time you can actually see what NION can do for you!!

Wonderful improvements with muscle and breath

feel improvement to all health benefits
look forward to continued help with use of NION!!

Health improvements

Stronger breathing,deeper and longer hold,Great for swimmers,,!!!

Awesome energy and recovery!

I’ve been taking NION for 2 weeks now and my cardio workouts are easier and I’m able to go longer. I don’t feel worn out after hard workouts and my energy levels are much higher. My long days aren’t as taxing. I feel better everyday and I look forward to continuing to take NION and living a better life.

Great hydration

This stuff is better than any other product I have tried like this . First time I am not thirsty .

Great supercharger

This group is amazing. Found out about them online; watched their videos and was impressed. Color this Fox happy and negative 😂 🦊

Actually works

I was hesitant about a $70 electrolyte supplement, but tried it because it was on sale. Had such an impact on my energy, cognition, and athletic performance I subscribed after my first week. There's just no going back. All I can say is, if you can afford it, it's worth the price.


This product really did give me amazing results and that was just after a free sample. I'll be buying more. Thank you!

love Nion

Love that Nion is flavorless so it can be added to any beverage. I noticed quite a boost in energy!!

Cancel all further orders.. I bought 2 seven day packs to try & less than a week later received a 30 day pack for $67. No more business with you. I better not receive any more product! You say you don't have my email address, you use this one.

Great for overall health

"I really like that this electrolyte product is different from the others out there. It's not just for athletes or people who sweat a lot, but it's also great for someone like me who just wants to stay healthy."

Impressive Demo of Negative Ion Tech

"As an avid electrolyte consumer and performance athlete, I must say that Nion's product truly stands out with its NO BS ingredients. In a market saturated with questionable additives, it's refreshing to find a brand that prioritizes transparency. What really impressed me was Nion's demonstration of their negative ion technology on their Instagram. It's not just a marketing buzzword; they actually showcase the concept in action, which is incredibly cool to see."

Pricy but worth it

"When I first heard about Nion electrolytes, I was hesitant to try them because they were more expensive than other electrolytes I had seen. Even the popular 3.3 sea water electrolytes, which were already pricier than normal ones, were cheaper. The idea of measuring electrolytes through volts seemed like a marketing trick to me. However, I can now say that I have actually noticed a difference on the days when I take Nion. I would definitely recommend it to serious athletes who want to enhance their performance or to people dealing with chronic fatigue."

Good for post-nigts out, active days and sick days

"This electrolyte drink is perfect for replenishing my body after a night of partying or a long day of physical activity. It's also really helpful for staying hydrated when I'm feeling under the weather."

Negative Ions! Thank you!

""I wanted to share my experience with NION's electrolyte powder as someone who is focused on overall health and not necessarily as an athlete. For the past 2.5 years, I have been dealing with health issues and have been following the work of Dr. Jerry Tennant. According to him, cells require a certain amount of voltage (-20 to -25 mV for functioning and -50 mV for healing). I highly recommend reading his book, Healing is Voltage.
When I discovered that NION's electrolyte powder delivers negative ions, providing -330 mV per serving, I was thrilled. Negative ions are essential for maintaining the right voltage in our cells. This electrolyte powder has been a great addition to my daily routine, helping me support my overall health and well-being."