Sugar-Free Electrolytes

Backed by the Power of Negative Ions
Electrolytes Free from Additives

NION Health Electrolyte Drink Mix is:

  • Sugar Free
  • Stevia Free
  • Sweetener Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Free of artificial colors
  • Vegan
  • Keto/Paleo Friendly
  • Low Sodium
  • Zero Calories
  • Stimulant Free

NION Health Electrolyte Nutrition Panel
NION Health Nutritional Information

NION is recognized by the FDA as a dietary ingredient. Made in the USA.


Main Ingredients: Calcium (modified calcite form), magnesium (ionic form), sodium, potassium (ionic form), proprietary NCS-330mV™ Crystalline Matrix.

Hydration + Performance

Independent tests have shown NION:

• Improves energy & stamina with less stress on the body

• Replaces lost electrolytes

• Increases cellular hydration

• Speeds recovery from exercise

• Improves mitochondrial function – a key to healthy aging

• Lifts mood

Nion Sugar Free Electrolyte Powder Packaging

The Power of Negative Ions

Healthy cells need to hold a negative bioelectric charge to produce the energy that powers our bodies. NION is the only electrolyte on the market containing negative bioelectric-charged ions for daily consumption. Other electrolytes push water into cells for hydration. NION boosts mitochondrial function to improve hydration and performance at the cellular level. NION works via regeneration, not stimulation.

Nion provides negative ions

Increase Endurance and Stamina

Independent studies demonstrate NION improves mitochondrial function and boosts athletic performance after just seven days of use. Long term daily use promotes general cellular health and well-being.

Nion electrolyte powder for endurance athletes
Nion Sugar Free Electrolyte Powder Packaging
Nion Health Sugar Free Electrolytes No Added Flavor
NION Electrolyte Drink Mix - 30 Day Pack
Nion Electrolyte Powder Packaging and Glass
NION Electrolyte Drink Mix - 30 Day Pack
NION Electrolyte Drink Mix - 30 Day Pack

NION Electrolyte Drink Mix - 30 Day Pack

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NION Health is the missing electrolyte for endurance athletes, active lifestyles, intermittent fasters and overall wellness and longevity. It is the only electrolyte product on the market containing negative ions safe enough for daily consumption. NION Health is intelligently formulated to improve mitochondrial function, increase stamina and recovery, rebalance and replenish cells, and amplify hydration.  NION electrolyte mix is sugar and sweetener free, dairy free, gluten free, and free of artificial colors and flavors. NION is vegan, non-GMO, and paleo and keto friendly. NION is recognized by the FDA as a dietary ingredient. Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Mo Stevenson
Amazing Nion brings health and well Being

We have noticed improvement with our bodys health using NION


Great addition to my intake of. Bliss health help

Mo Stevenson
great product

love Nion and all it does for your body

Mo Stevenson
Nion is for EveryBody

You just feel better after using NION


I tried the NION packs in my water and feel the difference, definitely more hydrated and refreshed. Newly moved to CO, that hydration business is important here, so going to do what I have to to keep up :) thanks NION