Optimize Your Athletic Performance at the Cellular Level

Proven Performance

✓ Improves mitochondrial function
✓ Increases endurance & time to exhaustion
✓ Increases VO2 Max
✓ Speeds recovery from exercise
✓ Amplifies hydration at the cellular level
✓ Reduces stress and improves mood

Performance Graph:
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Proven Athletic Performance Benefits Backed by Research

Negative Ions, Positive Results

Sugar and Stevia Free Electrolyte Powder with Negative Ions

Explore NION, a revolutionary electrolyte mix that delivers negative ions to your cells for increased athletic performance.

Nion Health Electrolyte Athlete

Why Negative Ions?

NION is proven to increase hydration and water balance while providing greater stamina and energy, as well as shortened recovery time. Individuals taking NION experienced significantly higher maximal oxygen consumption (VO2MAX) and longer time to exhaustion during exercise.