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Nature’s Charging Station

Did you know that drinking one pack of NION Health’s Electrolyte Drink Mix = the negative ions delivered from 11 4 1/2 hours of walking barefoot on the beach. Essentially, it’s grounding in a granule

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<br>Nature’s Charging Station
<span style=Harness the Earth’s Energy with Negative Ions" >

Harness the Earth’s Energy with Negative Ions

Our bodies need negative ions to thrive. We typically receive these through nature (think clean forest air and crashing waves), though modern, urban lifestyles leave most people negative ion deficient and unable to offset the proliferation of positive ions received through pollution, toxic chemicals, electronic devices, processed foods and other modern mechanisms. Without daily access to negative ions, the resulting imbalance ages and stresses the body.

NION Health Electrolyte Drink Mix is the easiest way to deliver a daily dose of negative ions to your body, effortlessly revitalizing your cells for maximum health and vitality. Learn more about the science behind NION here

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We walked the El Camino de Costa Rica for 21 days, every day, covering 170miles, over two mountain ranges, around a volcano, and climbed a total of ~25,000 feet of elevation. It was strenuous and demanding and amazing. We seemed to have more, fewer complaints about fatigue or sore joints, and generally than our trekking companions who did not take NION

-- David Matteson

A Huge Difference.
I've using the product for 8 weeks and I definitely feel stronger and my energy levels are up!

--Denise Omelia

NION Is Wonderful!
I Am feeling the wonderful help NION is giving my body!!! I watched the amazing clip from Humanity Rising, episode 650 and immediately ordered the subscription for NION, and have been taling it for almost two months!


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