Recharge Your Cellular Health

Electrolytes with the Power of Negative Ions

Increase stamina and improve your workout recovery with NION Health, the only electrolyte drink mix that focuses on negative ions, measured in millivolts (mV), which are essential to cellular health.

NION's Electrolyte Drink Mix is sugar free, stevia free, and made in the USA. It packs the power of negative ions to improve HYDRATION and PERFORMANCE at the cellular level.

Proven Results in Just Seven Days

✓ Improves mitochondrial function
✓ Increases endurance & time to exhaustion
✓ Increases VO2 Max
✓ Speeds recovery from exercise
✓ Amplifies hydration at the cellular level
✓ Reduces stress and improves mood

How do Negative Ions Improve Performance?
  • Our cells use a negative charge (mV) to produce energy.

  • Negative ions make us feel more energized, perform better, and think more clearly.

  • Our patent-pending NCS-330mV Crystalline Matrix delivers a sustained negative charge.

  • A daily dose of NION Health improves mitochondrial function, resulting in greater endurance, faster recovery from exercise, and improved mood.

  • It takes only 90 minutes for NION Health’s full negative mV potential to take effect and continues throughout the day.

Improved Stamina and Recovery

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study at Seattle Performance Medicine showed competitive athletes who consumed NION Electrolyte Drink Mix for one week prior to exercising their legs to exhaustion were able to return the next day and almost double the number of leg presses compared to those who took a placebo for a week prior to exercising their legs to exhaustion.

Electrolytes play a vital role in conducting electricity within the body. It is the charge (mV) present in electrolytes that enables the movement of electrons, which is essential for regulating nerve and muscle function, maintaining hydration, balancing blood and tissue acidity, and aiding tissue repair. To maintain optimal health, our cell membranes, tissues, and organs require a negative electric potential. Negative charged electrolytes in NION Health allows ion molecules to pass through cells and enables the effective functioning of mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells. Positive voltage lacks the necessary electrical potential offered by negative ions. While most electrolyte brands only offer positive ions, NION Health stands apart as the sole electrolyte that provides negative charge.


Actually works

I was hesitant about a $70 electrolyte supplement, but tried it because it was on sale. Had such an impact on my energy, cognition, and athletic performance I subscribed after my first week. There's just no going back. All I can say is, if you can afford it, it's worth the price.


Love Nion

Love that Nion is flavorless so it can be added to any beverage. I noticed quite a boost in energy!!

Missy Schutz

Great for overall health

I really like that this electrolyte product is different from the others out there. It's not just for athletes or people who sweat a lot, but it's also great for someone like me who just wants to stay healthy.